MySQL Tutorials...

MySQL is a relational database that provides webmasters with a program that allows for organized data receiving and retrieval without having to manually collect the data every time new information needs to be inputted.

This type of relational database program is best done in conjunction with .php scripting language. For those who have no inkling as to how these two work, there are MySQL Tutorials that you can find online where you will be taken through a step-by-step process to better understand how MySQL works and how to use this with .php scripting language.

What is PHP?

Before you start to draw-up your basic functions for your MySQL, you first need to understand what PHP is. Basically, PHP is an open source software that allows you to execute scripting language from your server.

You can find this online if you still don’t have it installed. This is free to download at This is the most recommended software for scripting language because it can run on various platforms like Windows and Linux, among others.

It likewise supports various database software products like MySQL and Oracle.

Getting Started

First, you need to make sure that your server supports PHP. If you’re not sure about this, you can simply ask your web host if they support PHP and MySQL. On the other hand, you can also install PHP and MySQL yourself.

Simply go to the link provided above for your .php software and then follow the instructions on how to properly install this. After which, find a website that provides free MySQL downloads. You can go directly to and click on their download link.

MySQL Tutorials

Once you have properly installed the two software programs needed, you can now begin to draw-up your basic functions for your MySQL database. Check the link that gives you permission to manipulate MySQL.

From there, you should make your new database, and input your username and password. This gives you full administration control of the database. To follow a step-by-step process in creating your database, you can go to

On this site, you will be taken on an 8-part tutorial to help you understand things you need to know about PHP and MySQL and setting-up your database.

Other websites that you can check out for your MySQL Tutorials are: where you will be introduced to the whole database programming system, help you understand how to work with this using PHP, create and drop database, insert and select queries up to importing and exporting your database.

Finally, you can also visit